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Welcome to Burstows

Insurance advice you need to protect your family, assets and business

Insurance is complicated! At BURSTOWS we uncomplicate your choice by giving personal advice after analysing your exposures then transferring these to hundreds of insurers and the best insurance contract that suits your needs. We take away the stress and hassle of buying insurance by researching the insurance market for you. Saving you time, money and crucially helping you avoid underinsuring your assets/business.

Many people make buying decisions based on what product is the cheapest. While it may feel like a win to be paying less, all policies are different and the cover provided may leave you exposed to large financial losses. Our FREE report will help you avoid this situation and find the right cover for your needs.

Home & Content Insurance

Did you know over 80% of homeowners in Australia believe they are underinsured? To fix this we created a market-leading solution that includes a free Cordells building replacement estimate, flood mapping, policy comparison and the best cover for price from the market for your consideration.

Backed by over 35 years of experience you are in the right hands

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Landlord Insurance

We have created the leading insurance solution for landlords. We provide our innovative report to ensure your property is properly protected against all risks a landlord faces. From insuring your building correctly to protecting you from loss of rent, rent default, theft and malicious damage by tenants.

Backed by over 35 years of experience you are in the right hands

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Business Insurance

With any business comes a variety of risks that can be transferred to tailored insurance programs. With access to over 150 insurers and underwriters, and products not directly available to the public. We can help you understand the right level of cover to best suit your needs and put together a tailored insurance program to transfer these exposures to insurers.

Backed by over 35 years of experience you are in the right hands.

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why choose us

Why Choose Us

With over 35 years of experience in the insurance industry, access to insurers and policies that aren’t directly available to the public and we are on your team! We work closely together with you to ensure your assets are properly protected and you avoid underinsurance that could lead to a catastrophic loss. When a claim occurs we will be there to handle it on your behalf saving you extensive time and ensuring your claim is paid quickly and correctly.





247 customer service

24/7 Customer Service

You can call us personally and start a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Not an automated message or overseas call centre. We become a vital and trusted service for your personal and business insurances.

We will analyse your risks and provide a free report for your consideration. If we can find you better coverage for a similar or better price and eliminate any of your current exposures then why not give us a go there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We look after all clients whether you are a listed company, business owner or a student that needs help with motor insurance. We believe everyone deserves the same service big companies have access to. We keep up to date with any changes in the industry keeping you informed along the way and ensuring you are not left exposed if something changes.

We look forward to becoming a vital part of your team.

About Your Brokers

Paul Burstow

In 1989 Paul started his Insurance Broking career with Sedgwick, the largest Global International brokerage at the time. In 1995 he started his own licenced business in Brisbane on Wickham Tce MDV Insurance Brokers specialising in medical and corporate insurance portfolios. Gaining industry leading qualifications he was also accredited by ASIC to operate a general and life insurance brokerage. He is now recognised as one of the leading advisors in Australia after 30 years of experience.

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Callum Burstow

Callum has been a qualified broker for over 7 years. Over the years Callum has looked after a wide variety of clients ranging from complex listed companies to students needing help with motor insurance. He says everyone deserves the same service no matter how big or small and believes no one should miss out on getting the right advice. He created a game-changing innovative report for Homeowners / Landlords which is provided at no cost to clients and helps his clients understand what they are covered for and avoid uninsured losses. Callum’s passion for helping people has helped countless businesses and everyday Australians by not accepting anything but the best for his clients.

Make the right insurance decisions and get your free report here

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